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March 11, 2012

Green Smoothie 1
serves 1 ~ $3.88 per serving

1 orange ($.40)
1 small bunch kale ($1.69)
1 mango ($1.49)
2 bananas ($.30)
1 cup water
ice cubes

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays, right up there almost with Christmas. When my kids were little, every year on St. Patrick's Eve (yes, there was an eve involved) they would make leprechaun houses, for any visiting leprechauns to camp in if they happened to stop by. The next morning the kids would find all sorts of little leprechaun artifacts in their cardboard houses; walking sticks, pipes, blankets, coins, letters that had to be read with a magnifying glass ... as if the leprechauns had left just minutes before. So the night before St. Patrick's Day I was usually busier than I ever was on the night before Christmas. I kept our leprechaun tradition until my youngest was 14. He never did say exactly when he stopped believing in leprechauns, he just let me enjoy myself. 

So, in honor of the green and the upcoming St. Pat's Day ...

This is a very basic green smoothie recipe. In my smaller blender, I find that blending the orange and kale first can help this turn out smoother, but really it's just about pureeing all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add some ice cubes at the end if a chilled smoothie is desired.


calories: 528
fat: 0 gr
carbs: 132 gr

protein: 8 gr
Green Smoothie 2
serves 1 ~ $2.89 per person

5 ounces spinach ($.98)
6 leaves romaine ($.75)
1 cucumber ($.49)
1 apple ($.40)
2 bananas ($.30)
1 cup water for blending
ice cubes

I had thought about doing a day of green smoothies, to see just how much something like a green smoothie feast would actually cost. I didn't do a full day, but it would be very possible to do a day of green smoothies for $10 a day (or less!).

The directions for this recipe are the same as the one above, just puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.


calories: 436
fat: 0 gr
carbs: 106 gr

protein: 12 gr
Green Soup
serves 2 ~ $1.31 per serving

5 ounces spinach ($.98)
1 avocado ($.88)
1 small cucumber ($.45)
1/4 onion
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
1 cup water for blending
salt and pepper
2 green onions, sliced ($.10)

Raw foods are really so flexible. If it's green and sweet, it's a smoothie ... green and spicy is soup. And I'm really enjoying raw soups lately. The avocado really makes this creamy, too.

This, again, is a very simple blended recipe. Puree all ingredients in a blender, except the green onions, until smooth and creamy. Salt and pepper to taste, and top with sliced green onions. Pour extras into a canning jar for later.


calories: 310
fat: 32 gr
carbs: 28 gr

protein: 2 gr
Green Parfait
serves 6 ~ $1.38 per serving

green ice cream 

1 small bunch kale ($1.69)
1/2 pineapple ($2.00)
2 bananas ($.30)
1 avocado ($.88)
3 tablespoons agave ($.30)

macadamia cream

1/2 cup macadamia nuts ($2.50)
1/2 cup water
2 dates, soaked to soften ($.30)
3 tablespoons agave ($.30)
pinch salt

I know, I know ... I did green ice cream last week. I'm doing it again, mostly because my grandkids love it so much, but we added some macadamia cream and made a parfait.

In a blender, puree all the green ice cream ingredients until smooth. Process in an ice cream maker (thanks again Heidi!) or put in a container in the freezer and stir every twenty minutes until firm.

Puree the macadamia cream ingredients until very smooth and refrigerate until chilled and thickened. Layer into parfait glasses or another suitable dish.


calories: 304
fat: 13 gr
carbs: 28 gr

protein: 2 gr

Total cost for the day: $9.46
total calories: 1,578
total fat: 45 gr
total carb: 280 gr
total protein: 27 gr


  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much because I was looking for posting because I was looking for some green smoothies.

    Take care!

  2. Can you adopt me????
    I just love all of your recipes.
    Peace and Raw Health,



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