Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8, 2012

Fried Ice Cream
serves 2 ~ $.48 per serving

3 bananas ($.45)
flavoring (other frozen fruit or cacao) ($.40)
pinch salt
3 tablespoons ground flax ($.05)
1 tablespoon coconut flakes ($.05)
big pinch cinnamon
pinch cayenne (optional)
drizzle of agave, maple syrup, or coconut nectar 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Our weekend included our kids, fireworks, and chocolate pie ... so it was good. 

Bananas and flax seed, that's all this is. But when it's called fried ice cream, it sounds truly decadent.

Make a batch of banana ice cream in your preferred way. For this, I took the bananas, cacao, and salt and pureed in the food processor until very smooth, then froze until firm. You can use frozen bananas and and the food processor, or use an ice cream maker. Whichever method you use, freeze the ice cream until it's firm. Mix together the flax, coconut, cinnamon, and cayenne. Then, scoop the ice cream into a ball and roll each ball in the flax blend. Drizzle with a bit of your choice of sweetener.


calories: 228
fat: 5 gr
carbs: 45 gr
protein: 5 gr

Peach Salad
serves 2 ~ $2.61 per serving

1 head romaine or leaf lettuce, chopped ($1.89)
1 peach, sliced ($.89)
1 tomato, sliced ($1.25)
1 red onion, sliced ($.59)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
2 tablespoons agave ($.20)
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar ($.20)

This is as simple and easy as it looks and takes just minutes to put together. 

Arrange the lettuce on a plate, add peach, tomato, and onion slices. Whisk together the olive oil, agave, and balsamic vinegar, divide and pour over each.


calories: 324
fat: 15 gr
carbs: 47 gr
protein: 7 gr

Tomato Sandwich
serves 3 ~ $1.54 per serving

1 cup ground flax seeds ($.50)
1 cup water
3 medium onions, thinly sliced ($.30)
2 large carrots, grated ($.40)
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons olive oil ($.30)

tomato, lettuce, onion ($2.50)

cashew mayo

1/2 cup cashew ($.50)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon agave ($.10)

This received rave reviews today. The bread was about the best raw bread I've ever had and it seemed very much like a really good ... well, bread. It has to be just right, though. Dehydrated enough to be done, but not too crisp.

Mix together the ground flax seeds and water. Let sit for several minutes to gel. Slice the onions very thinly and grate the carrots (I used the food processor for both). Stir together and add the salt. Spread out on lined dehydrator sheets and dehydrate for about an hour. When it top is a bit dry to the touch, flip and continue drying on the other side. Let dry another couple hours until dry but not brittle. I used kitchen scissors to cut the bread into shapes.

Add some tomatoes, onion, and lettuce, and a dollop of cashew mayo.

To make the mayo, use a bullet type blender. Puree all ingredients until smooth and creamy.


calories: 419
fat: 28 gr
carbs: 35 gr
protein: 13 gr
Chocolate Raspberry Tart
serves 6 ~ $1.12 per serving

1 cup walnuts ($2.00)
1 cup raisins ($1.00)
pinch salt
1 ripe avocado ($.88)
2 ripe bananas ($.30)
3 tablespoons agave ($.60)
1/4 cup cacao or cocoa powder ($.80)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons coconut oil ($.20)
pinch salt
3 ounces raspberries ($1.00)

This is just a basic chocolate avocado/banana tart, and one of my favorites. Today, it went over well with our non-raw guests.

In a food processor with an "S" blade, process the walnuts, raisins, and pinch salt. just until the starts sticking together a bit, which takes about a minute. Press into a tart plate and chill.

Again, in the food processor with an "S" blade, process the avocado, bananas, agave, vanilla, olive oil, and salt until very smooth. Pour into tart shell, top with raspberries, and chill until slightly more firm.


calories: 284
fat: 16 gr
carbs: 35 gr
protein: 5 gr
Total cost for the day: $5.75
total calories: 1,255
total fat: 64 gr
total carb: 162 gr
total protein: 30 gr


  1. I love all of your recipes and want to try them. But I don't get how you come to less than $10/day. If you only count by the serving, then maybe it would work out, but you sometimes can't just buy a dash of cinnamon, or one half of a tomato.

    Tis unfortunate. =/

    1. The thing with budgeting like this is that you have to make an investment at first, for example, you buy a pack of cinnamon today for you will only use a fraction of it on your dish and then save it for later, or buy one pound of tomatoes because not only is it more convenient and cheaper but also you eat half a tomato today and the other tomorrow. Maybe if you think of budgeting weekly it would make more sense.

      I think it's a great way to show people that you can eat amazingly on a budget, love your blog!

  2. I just had some of your onion bread on Sunday. I had a few pieces in the freezer and they tasted as fresh as the day I dehydrated them! Soooo good. I had it with some of my yellow garden tomatoes and broccoli sprouts.
    Thanks Lisa for the info on ordering the dandelion seeds--that was very sweet for you to answer me back so quickly.

    1. Glad you liked them! Let me know how your dandelions grow ... I'm going to try growing purselane this year.

  3. My hero... Can't wait to try the torte!

  4. Fried ice cream?! Genius Lisa! Love the onion bread too. I make the veggie version similar to yours but add zucchini. Makes the best sammies eh?!

  5. This menu is right up my alley. I might have to make that fried ice cream for my birthday at the end of the month.

  6. I made the tomato sandwich for lunch today and practically had an orgasm in my mouth... I added some lime juice, chipotle, salt and pepper to the cashew mayo and then also added "roasted" red peppers and avocado to the sandwich. My bread took about 10 hours to dehydrate properly. But this morning when i opened the dehydrator it was perfect.

    Question. Olive oil is in the ingredients for the bread...but it doesn't say where to add it. I just added it at the end when i added the salt. If that was wrong, maybe that's why my bread took so long?

    Thanks for the recipe!!!



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