5 Simple and Delicious Raw Soups for Spring

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  1. These all sound so yummy, thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Can't wait to try some of these recipes. Your neck of the woods is beautiful!

  3. kelli says:

    these soups look fantastic! it's soggy here but fairly warm for this time of year. i've already planted spinach and soon i'll be sowing the pea seeds. can't wait!

  4. Kenn says:

    Just tried the Green Pea Soup for lunch and it's really tasty! I'm new to Raw but posts like this make it easy, affordable and yummy! 🙂

  5. jmaret says:

    I just ordered my Blendtec blender and can not wait for it to get here, so I can make some of these soups!!! I am just so excited!!! 🙂

  6. Just a heads up, malwarebytes blocked something when I came to this site.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just bought a blender. Does one need a special type to make these soups. I don't have a dehydrator. Is that okay to make the soups where it says dehydrate?

  8. RovingWeaver says:

    I was wondering the same thing about the dehydrator. I'm in a hotel until the end of April for work. I brought my blender with me and told myself that I am putting money aside every week for a Vitamix, but I am not BUYING one unless I actually start using the blender for raw smoothies and other recipes before I buy yet another gadget (my juicer at home doesn't get used much). I don't have a dehydrator. If the hotel had an oven I could probably use that, but, well, it doesn't have one. I may just save the Cream of Broccoli Mushroom soup until I am back home and can at least dry them out in my oven, but it sounds so good I want to try it now. 🙂

    • Hi RovingWeaver :). No, you don't have to dehydrate them. They're excellent just blended. Try it both ways!

      I've used a $20 blender for the last few years. The one I have is a replacement for another $20 blender I had that also lasted several years. That said, I'm planning on getting a Vitamix. The raw soups and smoothies are SO good, and I'm pretty sure I'll be enjoying them for many years.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I made the asparagus soup to a T and found it almost inedibly rich, even without dehydrating anything first. I'd make it again, but with one avocado and perhaps half the mushrooms as well.

  10. Heather S. says:

    OMG, Lisa, you are SO creative and generous to share all these yummy and simple/easy recipes! I am still delving into your website (as you can see I am commenting on a post from March!) and getting so ancy to try all these wonderful-looking dishes! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!