A New Name and Direction for Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!)


Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!) began at the end of 2009. I’d
just become vegan and was interested in raw foods. I was struggling in quite possibly the
worst situation I’d ever been in. I was drowning and, you probably didn’t know it,
but this blog and its readers became something of a lifeline. 

It all started as a simple question: “How much does it cost to eat raw?” but led to so much more. I’ve learned
so much about food, and living, about loving myself and others, about the value
of good food, and emotional and physical health. I’ve experienced heartbreaking loss, and deep happiness and joy, and I’ve grown and bloomed into
the person I was always meant to be. 
I even wrote a real book, Easy Affordable Raw.

Today is my 54th birthday. It’s said one’s life goes in cycles and the 54th year is one of renewal, change, and rebirth. I feel fantastic and optimistic and am looking forward to many more happy, healthy years of vegan life, love, and adventure.

Because of all that, it makes me incredibly sad to say goodbye to Raw on $10. It’s
something that I put a lot of work into. More than anything else, though, it’s something
I’ve gotten a great deal from. I’ve deeply appreciated every reader, every encouragement,
and every friendship and connection, online and off, that has come about directly
and indirectly from Raw on $10.

I’ve never been good at ending relationships, either. I hang
on. Drag my feet. Procrastinate. Second guess my decision. But there is only so
much room in a life and sometimes one relationship must end for another to
begin. It’s incredibly bittersweet. I’m sad for the ending but excited and so
happy for what’s to come. 

And so …

Raw on $10 a Day is 



becoming … 

Planted 365

Changing the name of a blog while also changing the platform
from Blogger to WordPress has been brain explodingly complicated and I’d much
rather be creating content. I’ve got some help and the process of changing and
updating and linking and all that will be an ongoing process. Surely there will
be some snags. 
Please be patient with the transition. 

All recipes will still be available, although I’ll be updating and improving a lot of them.

I’ll be migrating the RSS feed, email list, and all that, so you might see unfamiliar notifications.

Raw on $10 will continue to exist for the next week. Next Monday,
everything will be redirected to the new name and new platform.

Planted 365 will be official then. If you want to go over now, though, it’s up and running with a few new things. Sign up by email and you won’t miss any posts.

I sincerely hope you will come along and see what else we
can discover together. There will be lots of raw food still, because it’s awesome,
delicious, and beautifully photogenic. And a new full day menu every week, starting next Monday. There will also be healthy cooked vegan recipes,
soul healing art, mindful movement, and conscious connection and relationships. Because how much things cost seems to be interesting to so many, I’ll note that information when I can. 

I’ve learned so much in the past nearly nine years. There’s … so … much … I can’t wait to show it all to you. 

I’ll leave you with a very short video of where I’m headed with Planted 365. 

With sincerest gratitude …


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4 Responses

  1. I am so grateful to hear this! I adore your new site name. But more importantly, I've adored reading you since forever, under my various anonymous names, yet had no idea what all might be happening behind the scenes. Funny how we think we're the only ones going through challenges. Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will continue to gift to the world. We need you!! XO

  2. P.S. Happy happy BIRTH day!!

  3. Halle Bose says:

    You're young and looking good.

  4. Hallebose says:

    Good on you for your new moves.