An Interview with Joe Ira and Meal Plans Week Twelve

This handsome guy is Joe Ira. He’s has been using the Raw on $10 Meal Plans since the first week and says he’s had some tremendous results as far as his health. I had a chance to talk with Joe a little bit today and here’s what he had to say. Good going, Joe!

Why did you go raw?
I went raw after doing macrobiotic diet for 7 10 day sets. Raw has more variety, color and flavor with all the health benefits.

What kind of improvements in your health have you seen so far?
The improvements in my health are tremendous! I am only talking about my personal experiences. I have reduced my insulin (lantis) from 22 to 11. Diet coupled with exercise yoga and meditation. My mood has improved as well. I think it is based on blood sugar stability, but the raw food has an impact as well.

How have Raw on $10 Meal Plans helped you stay on a raw foods diet?
The Raw on $10 helped me because of the list for groceries. Its hard to stay raw if one is hungry Raw on $10 keeps food in the fridge and then in mah bellay! Ha.

What are your favorite meal plan recipes?
I like the soups and love everything with avocado as a main ingredient. The desserts keep me on track.

What would you say to someone considering a raw food lifestyle?
Raw for $10 is the easiest way to get started although it can be an arduous transition. Bruce Lee said change is instantaneous. It isn’t always easy though.

Raw on $10 Meal Plan 
Week Twelve


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Recipes for this week include:

apple walnut cereal bow          nut butter smoothie           creamy cucumber soup

juicy chia fresca           mango peach sunrise smoothie           banana berry smoothie
carrot avocado soup           samosas with mango sauce           cherry almond truffles
avo lime tart           tabbouleh           sweet potato noodles

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  2. How awesome!! and i love the kitties:)