August 14, 2011

7 Responses

  1. Love the watermelon ice cream. And raw corn chips, they are awesome!

  2. Frannie says:

    Corn chips. I have been trying quite a few recipes lately and can not find just the right one.
    Maybe I need to put them in food processor instead of the blender. Leave them chunkier for the dehydrator instead of creamy. Hmmmm, I will have to give this a try.

  3. I love your blog and creative ideas. The blueberry salad looks beautiful and those watermelon chips look interesting. I have a dehydrator that I have never opened. Got to give it a try~

  4. Tanya says:

    Ha! I knew that freezing chunks of watermelon would one day come in handy. I'm so making that slushie. Off to search the freezer for that watermelon……

  5. David John says:

    I really wish there was a facbeook group or twitter for this webpage. please connect it to these services! 🙂

  6. *^_^* says:

    Wonderful! Awesome!
    My stomach is rumbling and my mouth is salivating!

  7. Anonymous says:

    First time checking out your blog. It is awesome! I'm drooling over here. I only wish your recipes were also broken up into categories like deserts, soups, breakfasts… I've been scrolling through so many of these blog posts! Loving it all!