January 9, 2011

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  1. yummy! I anxiously await your posts every week! I haven't tried those righteously raw bars yet, I have a feeling I should

  2. Anonymous says:

    WoW! Where do you get those little menu graphics in the beginning of each post? Darling!

  3. Anonymous says:

    please let me know where you are getting fruits and vegetables so cheap. i would adjust these to:
    1 mango, cubed ($1.49)
    1 ripe avocado ($1.49)
    2 ripe bananas ($.70)
    This meal is at least $2.19 per serving we're i'm from and that's if the mango and avocado are in season.

    so what's you're secret source?

  4. Execumama says:

    Okay, this is FANTASTIC!! That fruit stew had my mouth watering, and I'm so glad you make time to share these gems with us! Much appreciated!!

  5. Antony says:

    A very fruity day Lisa 🙂 The mango pudding breakfast and the stuffed truffles definitely have my name on them! x

  6. bitt says:

    I love righteuously raw.

    For a minute I thought your day was going to be a low-fat 80-10-10 day then I saw the chocolate. 🙂

    To anonymous above, I too can't always get the low prices. Some of it is due to me wanting to get organic, so I could never get a cucumber that cheap, and also quality, because the cheap avocados I've found are not very good.

  7. griffen says:

    the breakfast recipe i've tried before. so delicious!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    You are so amazing!! Really! Everything is beautiful and sounds so delicious.
    Had I not just used my one and only papaya yesterday to make raw papaya soup, I would have made your salad. I guess it is back to the farmer's market for another fresh, ripe and LOCAL papaya!! Yeah! I just love eating local produce and I am so happy that our farmer's market is absolutely amazing this winter.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  9. HiHoRosie says:

    I love righteously raw bar esp caramel but your dessert truffles look so heavenly!

    I also love your frequent use of pepper flakes. That's my girl! 😉

    And CONGRATS on the nom! You are so deserving of it! Good luck!

  10. kt says:

    The colors in your breakfast pudding are spectacular; that dish would sure wake me up and send me off to work with a smile on my face. I'm all about the chocolate though, and I know I will be putting your truffle recipe to good use. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Those truffles. oooooooohhhhhhhhbooyyyyyy

  12. Kevin says:

    I made the mango pudding for breakfast this morning – food of the gods! I love your recipes – they are so simple, practical, tasty and I've generally got everything I need to make them already in the cupboard! Thanks for taking the time to share with us, I've gotten a lot of inspiration from you.

  13. mezmerelda says:

    Made the All A Salad for dinner tonight. It was very tasty!

    I am looking forward to making other recipes. Thanks for being here!