January 9, 2011

Mango Pudding
serves 2 ~ $1.44 per serving
1 mango, cubed ($1.49)
1 ripe avocado ($.88)
2 ripe bananas ($.30)
1 tablespoon agave, if needed ($.10)
1 tablespoon chopped cashews ($.10)
Creamy, sweet, sour, crunchy, smooth … this was an absolutely perfect breakfast. And it takes all of a few minutes to put together. It’s a bargain for us, since the local grocery seems intent on keeping the avocados on sale. I think maybe we buy so many now they’re getting a better price on them!
In a food processor with an “S” blade, process the avocado, one banana, half the mango, and agave until very smooth and creamy. Top with sliced banana, the remaining cubed mango, and chopped cashews. Drizzle with just a tiny bit of agave, if desired.
calories: 407
fat: 19 gr
carbs: 67 gr
protein: 5 gr
Fruit Stew
serves 2 ~ $2.48 per serving
1 mango, cubed ($1.49)
1 papaya, cubed ($.99)
1 cucumber, chopped ($.69)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
1 teaspoon salt
1 medium onion, finely chopped ($.05)
1 red bell pepper, finely chopped ($.89)
1 jalapeno, minced ($.20)
2 tablespoons lime juice ($.45)
black pepper
red pepper flakes
Even though this is made of fruit, it has a hearty feel and is surprisingly filling.
In a food processor fitted with an “S blade, puree about a third of each of the mango, papaya, and cucumber and the olive oil and salt until very smooth. This is the stew base. In a large bowl, add the remaining chopped mango, papaya, and cucumber, along with the onion, red bell pepper, and jalapeno. Stir to mix. Add the lime juice and stir again. Serve with a bit of black pepper and a few crushed red pepper flakes.
Most of the heat of a jalapeno is found in the seeds. I like this kind of spicy so I include most of the seeds from the jalapeno. If you prefer a bit more mild taste, just leave out most or all of the seeds.
calories: 289
fat: 14 gr
carbs: 43 gr
protein: 3 gr


All A Salad
serves 3 ~ $2.44 per serving
5 oz arugula ($3.49)
2 avocados, chopped ($1.49)
2 apples, chopped ($1.20)
1 medium onion, finely chopped ($.05)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
2 tablespoons lemon juice ($.50)
2 tablespoons agave ($.40)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
The ancient Romans considered arugula to be an aphrodisiac. I don’t know if that’s true, but to say I love arugula is an understatement … and this has plenty. It’s also fresh and clean tasting and super simple to make.
Toss the arugula with the avocado, apple, and onion. Whisk together remaining ingredients and drizzle over the salads
calories: 448
fat: 28 gr
carbs: 50 gr
protein: 6 gr

Stuffed Truffles
makes about twenty-four truffles ~$.58 per truffle
chocolate filling
1 cup almonds ($2.40)
1/2 cup water (or more, for blending)
1/2 cup finely ground palm sugar ($1.80)
2 tablespoons coconut oil ($.20)
pinch salt
4 tablespoons cacao powder ($.80)
(chopped almonds can be mixed in as well)
“peanut butter” filling
1/2 cup almond butter ($1.50)
2 teaspoons nutritional yeast ($.10)
3 tablespoons finely ground palm sugar ($.70)
pinch salt
4 tablespoons coconut oil ($.40)
1/2 cup cacao butter ($1.90)
3/4 cup cacao powder ($2.40)
1/2 cup finely ground palm sugar ($1.80)
pinch salt

What I was trying for here is the creamy chocolate center of conventional truffles. It did turn out quite creamy, although it’s a bit tricky to work with. I’ve used truffle molds here, though they can be dipped.
I’ve used palm sugar in these, for both the shell and the filling, because agave is just too wet for this recipe. Palm sugar is not raw, but it’s far less processed than regular sugar.The crystals are fairly large and so the chocolate will be smoother if the palm sugar is finely ground first. I just grind it using the bullet type blender. It only takes a few minutes. Process until it resembles ordinary powdered sugar.
To make the chocolate filling, combine all chocolate filling ingredients in a bullet type blender and puree for several minutes until very smooth, but thick. Chill for about an hour, until the mixture has stiffened and can be handled. Form into balls that will fit the inside of your truffle mold with a small area around the sides for the chocolate shell. Freeze the formed balls until hard. Chopped almonds can be added to all or part of this mixture, just stir in before chilling.
To make the “peanut butter” filling, combine all the ingredients in a bowl and stir until smooth and well combined. Chill until able to be worked with, then form into balls that will fit in the truffle molds. Freeze until firm.
For the shells, gently heat the cacao butter and coconut oil until melted. A double boiler works wells for this, but use hot water, not boiling (chocolate can scorch over 130 degrees). Also, be careful not to allow any water of any kind to get into the chocolate as this will cause it to “seize.” Add the remaining ingredients and stir well.
To assemble the truffles, fill the tops of the truffle molds about 1/8 – 1/4 inch of chocolate shell and pop in the fridge until firm. Place a chocolate or “peanut butter” ball in the center and pour chocolate shell over, allowing it to fill up the sides and cover the bottom. Place in the fridge until firm. Pop out of the molds and allow to sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes before serving.

calories: 180
fat: 13 gr
carbs: 15 gr
protein: 3 gr

Total cost for the day: $6.94
total calories: 1,324
total fat: 74 gr
total carb: 175 gr
total protein: 17 gr
Righteously Raw Chocolate
from Earth Source Organics


I recently tried some of the chocolate bars from Earth Source Organics (thank you, Audrey, for sending samples!). These are really are beautifully made. Each is different and has either a chocolate outer shell with an inner truffle made of wonderful superfoods like acai or goji berries … or an inner chocolate truffle surrounded by a gorgeous “candy” shell of maca or maqui. They’re elegant and not too sweet … perfectly balanced flavor for grown up chocolate lovers.
The cost per bar is just under $6.00 and contains three .76 oz servings. So, that’s $2 per serving for a dessert and that fits in with my own $10 a day or less budget (assuming I stop at one serving!).
Audrey Darrow is the owner of Earth Source Organics, and a breast cancer survivor, who made eating well and being well top priority while recovering … her entire story is quite inspirational.
Best of Raw 2010
 I’m thrilled to have had this blog nominated for the Best of Raw awards for 2010.
You can vote for Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!) here. Just click on the pink bar and vote in the categories you wish. This blog is listed in the media category.

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  1. yummy! I anxiously await your posts every week! I haven't tried those righteously raw bars yet, I have a feeling I should

  2. Anonymous says:

    WoW! Where do you get those little menu graphics in the beginning of each post? Darling!

  3. Anonymous says:

    please let me know where you are getting fruits and vegetables so cheap. i would adjust these to:
    1 mango, cubed ($1.49)
    1 ripe avocado ($1.49)
    2 ripe bananas ($.70)
    This meal is at least $2.19 per serving we're i'm from and that's if the mango and avocado are in season.

    so what's you're secret source?

  4. Execumama says:

    Okay, this is FANTASTIC!! That fruit stew had my mouth watering, and I'm so glad you make time to share these gems with us! Much appreciated!!

  5. Antony says:

    A very fruity day Lisa 🙂 The mango pudding breakfast and the stuffed truffles definitely have my name on them! x

  6. bitt says:

    I love righteuously raw.

    For a minute I thought your day was going to be a low-fat 80-10-10 day then I saw the chocolate. 🙂

    To anonymous above, I too can't always get the low prices. Some of it is due to me wanting to get organic, so I could never get a cucumber that cheap, and also quality, because the cheap avocados I've found are not very good.

  7. griffen says:

    the breakfast recipe i've tried before. so delicious!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    You are so amazing!! Really! Everything is beautiful and sounds so delicious.
    Had I not just used my one and only papaya yesterday to make raw papaya soup, I would have made your salad. I guess it is back to the farmer's market for another fresh, ripe and LOCAL papaya!! Yeah! I just love eating local produce and I am so happy that our farmer's market is absolutely amazing this winter.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  9. HiHoRosie says:

    I love righteously raw bar esp caramel but your dessert truffles look so heavenly!

    I also love your frequent use of pepper flakes. That's my girl! 😉

    And CONGRATS on the nom! You are so deserving of it! Good luck!

  10. kt says:

    The colors in your breakfast pudding are spectacular; that dish would sure wake me up and send me off to work with a smile on my face. I'm all about the chocolate though, and I know I will be putting your truffle recipe to good use. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Those truffles. oooooooohhhhhhhhbooyyyyyy

  12. Kevin says:

    I made the mango pudding for breakfast this morning – food of the gods! I love your recipes – they are so simple, practical, tasty and I've generally got everything I need to make them already in the cupboard! Thanks for taking the time to share with us, I've gotten a lot of inspiration from you.

  13. mezmerelda says:

    Made the All A Salad for dinner tonight. It was very tasty!

    I am looking forward to making other recipes. Thanks for being here!