March 14, 2010

Green Smoothie 1
serves 1 ~ $3.88 per serving
1 orange ($.40)
1 small bunch kale ($1.69)
1 mango ($1.49)
2 bananas ($.30)
1 cup water
ice cubes
St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, right up there almost with Christmas. When my kids were little, every year on St. Patrick’s Eve (yes, there was an eve involved) they would make leprechaun houses, for any visiting leprechauns to camp in if they happened to stop by. The next morning the kids would find all sorts of little leprechaun artifacts in their cardboard houses; walking sticks, pipes, blankets, coins, letters that had to be read with a magnifying glass … as if the leprechauns had left just minutes before. So the night before St. Patrick’s Day I was usually busier than I ever was on the night before Christmas. I kept our leprechaun tradition until my youngest was 14. He never did say exactly when he stopped believing in leprechauns, he just let me enjoy myself. 
So, in honor of the green … and in keeping with the blender giveaway below …
This is a very basic green smoothie recipe. In my smaller blender, I find that blending the orange and kale first can help this turn out smoother, but really it’s just about pureeing all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add some ice cubes at the end if a chilled smoothie is desired.
calories: 528
fat: 0 gr
carbs: 132 gr

protein: 8 gr
Green Smoothie 2
serves 1 ~ $2.89 per person
5 ounces spinach ($.98)
6 leaves romaine ($.75)
1 cucumber ($.49)
1 apple ($.40)
2 bananas ($.30)
1 cup water for blending
ice cubes
I had thought about doing a day of green smoothies, to see just how much something like a green smoothie feast would actually cost. I didn’t do a full day, but it would be very possible to do a day of green smoothies for $10 a day (or less!).
The directions for this recipe are the same as the one above, just puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
calories: 436
fat: 0 gr
carbs: 106 gr

protein: 12 gr
Green Soup
serves 2 ~ $1.31 per serving
5 ounces spinach ($.98)
1 avocado ($.88)
1 small cucumber ($.45)
1/4 onion
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
1 cup water for blending
salt and pepper
2 green onions, sliced ($.10)
Raw foods are really so flexible. If it’s green and sweet, it’s a smoothie … green and spicy is soup. And I’m really enjoying raw soups lately. The avocado really makes this creamy, too.
This, again, is a very simple blended recipe. Puree all ingredients in a blender, except the green onions, until smooth and creamy. Salt and pepper to taste, and top with sliced green onions. Pour extras into a canning jar for later.
calories: 310
fat: 32 gr
carbs: 28 gr

protein: 2 gr
Green Parfait
serves 6 ~ $1.38 per serving
green ice cream 
1 small bunch kale ($1.69)
1/2 pineapple ($2.00)
2 bananas ($.30)
1 avocado ($.88)
3 tablespoons agave ($.30)
macadamia cream
1/2 cup macadamia nuts ($2.50)
1/2 cup water
2 dates, soaked to soften ($.30)
3 tablespoons agave ($.30)
pinch salt
I know, I know … I did green ice cream last week. I’m doing it again, mostly because my grandkids love it so much, but we added some macadamia cream and made a parfait.
In a blender, puree all the green ice cream ingredients until smooth. Process in an ice cream maker (thanks again Heidi!) or put in a container in the freezer and stir every twenty minutes until firm.
Puree the macadamia cream ingredients until very smooth and refrigerate until chilled and thickened. Layer into parfait glasses or another suitable dish.
calories: 304
fat: 13 gr
carbs: 28 gr

protein: 2 gr

Total cost for the day: $9.46
total calories: 1,578
total fat: 45 gr
total carb: 280 gr
total protein: 27 gr

Blender Giveaway! 

… sponsored by the folks over at CNS Stores … winner to be announced next Sunday night …

Just by coincident, I’d been shopping for a new blender on the CNS Stores website several weeks ago. I was pleased with their reasonable prices and extremely fast shipping. Plus, they accept PayPal, which is always cool … so, I’m already liking this place.

  Cuisinart SmartPower 7-Speed Electronic Blender

Powerful motor crushes ice instantly with no liquid added. It blends, purees, chops, mixes, and liquefies all with the push of a button! This very smart and versatile SmartPower(tm) 7-Speed Electronic Blender has enough power and speeds to do it all. 


  • Powerful motor crushes ice at any speed
  • Easy to read/easy to clean 7-speed touchpad controls with indicator lights
  • 40-ounce glass jar with dripless pour spout
  • 2-ounce removable measured pour lid
  • Ice crush button
  • Pulse at any speed button
  • Innovative Italian design


  • Instruction/Recipe book
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Overall Dimensions: 12″H x 8″W x 6.5″D
Open to US and Canada residents only.
TO ENTER … take a look at CNS Stores’ barstools site and tell me in a comment what you like about their products or website.
(please make a new comment for each entry)

POST the giveaway on your blog. Leave a link to your blog in the comments. 
FOLLOW my blog using Google Friend Connect. Let me know here in the comments.
TWEET about the giveaway … (i.e. “Win a Cuisinart Blender at Raw on $10! #giveaway deadline 3/21”) … (but no more than once a day).

Deadline … 10 pm Sunday, March 21

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  1. I am a subscriber to your blog. I check out the bar stool site and I think that most of the bar stool designs are pretty and could work in various room designs.

  2. I visited their website and really like the variety they offer! If I needed a barstool this is the place I would go… definitely 🙂

  3. I'm following via Google Friend Connect
    username: ergop

  4. shannonmarie says:

    I'm lovin' all the green, but especially the white stripe.

    Since I'm commenting, I should check out the bar stools. I like that there are a lot of designs with slashed prices. I am a fan of stools with a back on them. Does that make me lazy?

  5. Lori says:

    THIS is what I like about their site! It makes me want to play bartender!

    P.S. tweeted @loricushner & I'm already following the blog 🙂

  6. jess says:

    How funny that my blender just broke a week ago!
    That soup looks so yummy!

    I like that the barstool website is clean and tidy looking, a cluttered website turns me off!

  7. I like the modern stools. They would look awesome in my modular home (read trailer).

  8. HiHoRosie says:

    So glad you're getting a lot of use out of the Green Machine! And green smoothie #1 is one of my faves. I make a similar version and it's super good.

    I'll pass on the contest this go-round (Awesome giveaway btw!) but will post the link on my blog for other readers to check it out. 🙂

  9. Amber Shea says:

    I'm following you on Google Friend Connect :]

  10. christel says:

    I like their modern bar stools. WAY TOO MANY to choose from;)

    healingappetite at gmail dot com

  11. Christel says:

    Now following on google friend connect (was already following on google reader;)

    healingappetite at gmail dot com

  12. christel says:

    Linked giveaway in my blog

    healigappetite at gmail dot com

  13. Audrey says:

    I like the clean layout of the site and the fact that the different types of stools are neatly categorized to make searching for a particular style especially easy.

  14. Babetta says:

    oh my goodness, I got so lost on that barstool site I almost couldn't find my way back to your giveaway!
    I LOVE all the different styles. The modern stools are fun but the classic ones are awesome too! Makes me want to shop 🙂

    Babetta Popoff

  15. Babetta says:

    NOW following your blog (and invited a friend)


  16. Babetta says:

    Blogged about your giveaway
    but more importantly, the awesome site!
    I will so be back!!!


  17. RawSierra says:

    Hi! I follow your blog! I love that their site is so easy to navigate and find what you need. That means alot to me as I am an avid online shopper! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. StarFlower says:

    Wow, I didnt realize that barstools were the same as the kitchen chairs I want until I clicked on the link to enter the giveaway!
    Easy to surf site, thanks.

  19. StarFlower says:

    PLUS, I just added this blog to my Follow list! Need as much help as possible…My Krup's blender isnt working and I need a new blender!

  20. kelli says:

    i like that they offer free shipping!

  21. kelli says:

    i follow your blog. =)

  22. That St.pats menu/idea rocks!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Since I'm not very tall, I love this barstool:, plus the fact that it looks quite comfortable!

  24. Anonymous says:

    New follower of your blog!

  25. Anonymous says:

    And tweeted about your giveaway (

  26. Kylie says:

    I too really like the variety of different styles they offer.

  27. Jacquie says:

    I like the diversity and variety of the products the website offers. Their prices also seem very reasonable. Also, the photography and organization are good!

  28. Rachael M. says:

    I love the outdoor bar stools. I like the idea of having guests over now that it's spring time to spend time outside on the patio (with nice stools) or by the pool. This site has a good selection of them, too.

  29. Bambi says:

    I love the outdoor bar stools. I like the idea of having guests over now that it's spring time to spend time outside on the patio (with nice stools) or by the pool. This site has a good selection of them, too.

    (Sorry about the above post. I wanted to post this using my Google account since I already follow your blog. You can delete the first post.)

  30. Tess says:

    I love the green for St. Patrick's Day!!! I like the adjustable bar stools, I'm kind of short 🙂

  31. Tricia says:

    I like the modern stools. There are some pretty cool designs I've never seen before.

  32. Natalie says:

    i like that the barstool site is very sleek and minimalist, but very informative at the same time!

  33. Lovin' the backless leather bar stool! I didn't think I would be a backless kind of girl, but I am now!

  34. I tweeted about it! My twitter handle is "theactingmom"

  35. I am now following you as well!

  36. jvegegirl says:

    Love their modern bar stools 🙂

  37. Rhia says:

    Wow… I've been nursing my blender because the glass is cracked, but not 100% broken yet. Would love to win a new one 😀 The site is very clean looking and simple. I don't have much use for a barstool at the moment though, hehe.

  38. Ava Kelly says:

    WOW, what a great giveaway!! I'm just starting my raw food adventure and since I'm on an extremely tight budget, your site is nothing short of a SAVIOR to me! PLUS, seeing your giveaway, although I haven't won it (yet! 😉 ) it's a sign that this CAN be affordable. I'm so excited to begin my rawfood journey and finally change my life!

    I follow your site, I posted a link on my site, and I visited the barstool site: I love the different variety of stools they have, they really have every design possible, plus $20 off? Can't beat that! Wouldn't mind sipping a green smoothie in one of those bar stools 🙂

    Thanks for your site, and your giveaway!


  39. susitravl says:

    I really like the Holsag Bulldog Custom 24" – 30" Bar Stool – Custom Stool.

  40. CSN has some really cool yoga mats that I'm interested in!

  41. I linked your contest to my blog!

  42. Lena says:

    i like that there is a different style for everything! ppl with different tastes can definitely shop there!

  43. shannonmarie says:

    Just wanted to add that I mentioned your giveaway in my post today:

  44. What I like about the CSN site is the variety. By the way, just discovered your blog, and as a girl on a budget, I'm enthralled.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I now follow your blog, I love all of your great ideas!!! I love the variety of bar stools. Someday I would love to have a nice kitchen where people could gather around the kitchen and sit in cool stools that CSN offers! Thanks!!


  46. Anonymous says:

    I love that CSN stores has so many websites and so many products offered!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Following your blog!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I like how well the pages connect through linking

  49. Anonymous says:

    I follow on friend connect

  50. Tanya says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of barstools! Now I want a bar 🙂 Very nice looking site…and lots and lots of stools (barstools, that is). And yay, a blender giveaway!

  51. Tanya says:

    Just tweeted about your giveaway (@tanyatheviolist)

  52. Beth says:

    I just checked out the site – I love the VARIETY! I had to buy bar stools about 3 yrs ago and literally spent 3 weeks driving around tyring to find something that would work that both my husband and I would like. It was so frustrating. For big purchases I usually like to see and try things out in person but this site has great photos and descriptions.
    Beth, Sacramento CA

  53. Tanya says:

    Now following you on Google Friend Connect!

  54. I like that they have customer service hours on SUNDAY. That is incredible all on its own.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I like that they have reviews of the barstools – so helpful when buying furniture online to make sure it's of good quality.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Big fan of ur blog,love the way you do everything under$10.
    Love CSN site I have bought other things before.Their selection is very good.Loved this partuclar one Hillsdale Venus Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool – Atmosphere Faux Suede – 4210-826.But would love shopping their mordern and adjustable ones too..

  57. Jena says:

    The Hillsdale Milan 30" Swivel Bar Stool! It looks vintage-y and unique(:

  58. Christiane says:

    They have a good selection of modern style barstools. The site was easy to navigate too.

  59. Erica says:

    I love bar stools with backs and bars to rest your feet on – so many to choose from!

  60. Wendy says:

    I like the Hillsdale Swivel Bar Stool! 🙂

  61. Anonymous says:

    l like the Windsome Adjustable Airlift Bar stools. l paint and these would be great to sit on instead of the wooden one l perch on now! Nice site!

  62. sn says:

    Great fun contest for a blender! 🙂
    I like the Winsome Adjustable Airlift Bar Stool Set of 2 – 93329 SKU #: wn1400

  63. Kelsey says:

    tweeted! @carrothead

  64. Anonymous says:

    I love barstools – used to have a beautiful all wood set at another home. The great thing about the website is unbelievable – especially since barstools are so heavy. Next time I'm shopping for some that's where I'll look first. Thanks!
    Also please enter me in the contest for the new blender.
    Thanks –

  65. Julia says:

    I really like that they have so many styles to choose from and price points.

  66. Julia says:

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    I tweeted @easyecotogo

  68. Anonymous says:

    dude. where's the e-book? it's the 20th! I've been excited for weeks!!

  69. Anonymous says:

    I really like the Johnston Casuals 4-Score Backless Contemporary Barstool –

    friendliestghost at gmail dot com

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    I follow your blog via google friend connect.

  71. Michal says:

    I love how large of a selection they have.

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  75. McKella says:

    I looked at the website and the elegant barstools could look good in any room.

  76. Samantha P says:

    What I've found most useful is the dinner recipes. I find raw dinners to be the most difficult because I want something filling and yummy- and I don't want just salads every day!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is soooo helpful and soooo easy!Thank you very much… to have youre-book!
    If I can't win it how can I get it????
    Rita 🙂

  78. Anonymous says:

    need info


    I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site:

    I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur 🙂 I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it'd be swell if you can place our suede wassily chair in a bag set in a bag on your blog.

    Thank you,


  79. Joseph says:

    I like that those seem to be quality blenders. I had one but it died in a few weeks so I had to buy a new one..