October 11, 2009

9 Responses

  1. Michele says:

    This is RAWsome!! I love, love, love it!! This is a beautiful, yummy looking menu that (almost) anyone could fit into their budget. You RAWK!!!!

    aka Raw Juice Girl

  2. thank you michele, so glad you stopped by!

  3. monicajane says:

    totally awesome menu! it's very inspiring. I'm neither raw nor vegetarian but I love natural food and this looks very very good.

  4. bitt says:

    that pumpkin ice cream looks delicious! i need to try it.

  5. nollyposh says:

    Fantastic X:-) i wonder if i can substitute rice milk for nut milk? (No nuts in my house!) …Went to a retreat a couple of years ago and the food was completely vegan and raw… Was fab!!! X:-) Good on you and Thankyou for all the great hints x

  6. nolly, you can even omit the nut milk … i've made it both ways … the carrot juice is plenty to get it blended …

  7. LINDSAY says:

    These recipes look delish! Will check here often 🙂

  8. Twins says:

    Hey just found your blog…what a great idea! I love it. Keeping it simple is my raw motto too : ) I must your pumpkin ice cream looks yummy!!

  9. Zuri Mayasa says:

    The Caramel Apple Bowl…I'm sitting here right now eating it, stopping between words to roll my eyes in the back of my head and make slightly inappropriate noises as I chew! I am SO grateful you share this info. This is my official go-to source for raw food, because it's simple, EVERYTHING I've tried has ben delicious, and inexpensive couldn't be more true. Thank you thank you thank you!