October 3, 2010

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  1. Cheeeese! Never tried Brazil nut, just cashew but it looks amazing! This Halloween the sis and I will be going to montreal to visit friends and of course roam the streets on halloween night in our costumes! My fave part is seeing everyone's creative costumes!

  2. HiHoRosie says:

    Everything looks so wonderful! Can't go wrong with tacos in my book. And we mix avo w/banana all the time. Mostly for bambino but hey, it's a good combo. And that pomegranate looks so good in the fruity salad. Mmm…for halloween this will my son's first time out t-or-t and since he's only 1 he won't care about the candy since he doesn't know what it is. On my blog a couple people mentioned trading the candy for toys so when he's older we'll be doing that and donate the candy to a dentist's office for them to dispose of or whatever they do with it. I just love the festivity of halloween. I don't always dress up but love seeing all the kids dressed up and everyone so happy.

  3. Candylei says:

    I went raw exactly one month ago to help heal faster after a car accident and for my health in general! Your pictures look exactly like what I eat! (Except I haven't made cheez or nut tacos yet. I already feel much better. Woohoo! Now I'm off to look at your recipes!

  4. Rose says:

    Your food all looks gorgeous. There are so many things here I want to try. I I love your pretty menu card designs too.

  5. what a lovely day, full of fruit and cheese! = yum.
    since we are past the trick or treating age, it will just be a regular day for us 🙂 We will be bringing healthy snacks along to avoid temptations during the festivities though. I love dressing up, definately excited for that!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on your one year blog anniversary!
    Hallowe'en is great for kids to parade around their costumes and "pretend" a different persona. Here we don't have kids coming to our doors for treats, so no candy issues arise. Favourite part of Hallowe'en is the frivolity and atmosphere of fun.

  7. kelli says:


    raw tacos are my fave.

    oh halloween… it used to be my favorite growing up, the candy junkie i was! i also used to love to make my own costumes. my best were inmate martha stewart and peg bundy. this year i'll probably visit my nieces and nephews. if i can scrap together a costume i will.

    i've given out halloween stickers and pencils leftover from my days of teaching. i refuse to buy crap, and the kids get enough candy!

  8. I am ((droooooling!)) I want you to be famous. I want you to teach the world. I want you to be our role-model, on an international food scale. Is that so much to ask for? No. It's just a matter of time… :o)

  9. Your blog is my absolute favorite blog IN THE WORLD!!
    And your photographs are nothing to sneeze at.
    I love visiting here.
    You are a true inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge!

  10. Rachel Losey says:

    I love your recipes! We have tried so many of them and haven't found one we don't love yet! Thanks for all of the playful Halloween stuff! I love the floating eyeballs! My kids are going to as well! And that purple beet hand?? WOW! It is so strikingly gross and wonderful!! lol


  11. Suzette says:

    Your blog is wonderful, right now for Breakfast i do a smoothie and for lunch i bring veggies…i would like to start doing more advanced things but…i just need to get started….getting used to doing different things is hard.

    For Halloween i am having a huge teen party for my daughter and exchange student
    I really want to do the witches brew!

    For Candy i bought from Trader Joe's and i got one bag of individual pretzels…