September 26, 2010

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  1. Noelle says:

    The apple cinnamon cookies sounds delicious! I nedd to make some! I do not know if you are interested but there is a Challenge this month that focuses on apples and it ends at the end of September. These cookies would be great!

  2. Those apple cinnamon cookies look so cute! And the pb and j is perfect! I am a student so my table setting includes a nothing but the essentials, plate, fork, glass 🙂

  3. Everything looks delicious. I am definately going to try these recipes:) Love your blog!

  4. HiHoRosie says:

    Mmm…love it! The nut butter and jam looks super yummy!

  5. Geneva says:

    Love your blog, thanks so much for posting!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    We set our table casual for all meals except holidays, then is is formal…our china, crystal and gold flatware; even for all 5 kids. They learn how to respect formal place settings from a young age.
    LOVE your stuff!! Keep it coming please.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  7. bitt says:

    I love the bread…looks so "real" well as in like cooked bread. I like a good raw AB and J once in awhile. Yum.

    Set the table? Well sometimes the table is my lap. Or I just plop down at the one table we've got. Nothing fancy unless it's a special occasion. What's fancy is ON the plate.

  8. anushka says:

    well…. since my son is usually setting our big table with his play table ware, my husband and i often sit at the bar and eat. and our three year old prefers to eat on the couch… i look forward to when he's older and will sit with us together for our meals with fresh flowers and seasonal nature offerings from our walks together outside. for now… this is what works.

  9. You made me be a hunger crazy:) ….. beautiful pictures!

  10. If I wasn't afraid of having my tongue zapped,
    I'd lick my computer screen!!
    Those recipes look FABULOUS!!!! Yum!!
    Thanks for the time you put into your blog!
    Much appreciated!!

  11. It all looks SO good.

    You know, we don't actually 'have' a table to set at this point, but you've inspired me to make each meal special in some way with some creative art. 🙂

  12. You are so amazing! These recipes look so yummy. I am going to try the blueberry fool tomorrow morning. Can't wait!

    As for table setting, we don't really do much. Just sit and eat, enjoying each others company. But, we do always use ceramic plates/bowls… NEVER paper plates, its so wasteful! 🙂

    Thanks for having such an awesome blog and sharing such great delights!

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  14. Alisa says:

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  15. Oh, YUM, as always!!!

    (And…I've come to redirect you to my new site, as my old blog/id is (closed and) not connected to my new site/moniker. But I think you'll know it's "me!" :o)

    Lots of love,

  16. Antony says:

    One blueberry fool to go please x

  17. magda says:

    I've been thinking about that blueberry fool every since you posted it and I finally made it today. Oh my god, yum! It tastes like I remember yogurt tasting but even better. And so easy. What a fantastic recipe. Thanks!